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  • 23:15 RT @GirlFlash: I'M THE MOTHER-FUCKEN INTERNET! www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkGUrjALL1s (internet, bitch, interneeeet) [oh lawl] #
  • 00:08 Oi! Neighborhood! Quatro de Julio was ayer. Stop making with the explosions. #
  • 05:46 I miss the old Microprose days #
  • 06:10 @akashayi my Alpha Centauri discs won't run on Win 7 :( . Master of Magic 4 Evvvaah. also Stardock is the new Microprose #
  • 07:09 got Metro 2033 on Steam discount recently and am so far quite impressed with the ambiance and graphics #

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  • 10:26 so tried watching Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer last night - got 30 minutes in and gave up. Does it get actually decent later? #
  • 13:32 Portal is $1.99 on steam for the next 3 hours... chop chop if you don't have it already #
  • 04:07 and soak the skies with shrapnel #
  • 05:07 ♥ Lull by 101A #lastfm: bit.ly/78ndgI #
  • 06:57 ♥ Silent Ballet by 101A #lastfm: bit.ly/baMSNZ #
  • 07:11 ok it's 12:10am, i.e. the next day, i.e. stop blowing stuff up outside my front door #
  • 07:15 @AshFR sounds like if you stay at it long enough you'll be able to cosplay whatever you want! #
  • 07:21 ♥ Aerial by 101A #lastfm: bit.ly/cLlgdC #
  • 07:57 ♥ mekurauwo by 101A #lastfm: bit.ly/dtsBAa #
  • 08:57 ♥ In a Lonely Place (Detail) by Joy Division #lastfm: bit.ly/aK0A5B #

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  • 15:45 So Apple admits to faking the bars higher - that's why the death grip lowers it: it's AT&Ts fault. What. digs.by/d6qscL #
  • 07:09 just saw 'The Godson'. started out juvenile funny and turned into an abstract cornucopia of tropes and gags halfway in. #

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  • 10:02 Yes digs.by/c7J31p #
  • 10:10 @flatlinejack dude we should play online or something... just got it on gamefly though the girl is playing it right now #
  • 11:50 RIP Kin, we hardly knew ye. no really. honestly my condolences to the team who worked on it - that has to be tough #
  • 12:00 @Morigor our cats are the same way all the time #
  • 12:04 that's just cruel... I just watched my girlfriend murder some other girl without much warning and then proceed to kill her donkey. #
  • 00:05 @xtat how so? just the long-form syntax? I think they're a great use case for generators, and yeah lambda is ugly in comparison #
  • 00:06 @akashayi cool you'll have to fill me in - one of the only panels I'm upset to be missing #
  • 00:14 @xtat generator expressions almost removes the need for list-comp or lambda but it didn't come until way later #
  • 00:17 @flatlinejack just noticed there's a character in Red Dead Redemption named Gerald Conway. Relative of yours perhaps? #
  • 00:19 RT @rww: The Rise of the "Game Mechanic in a Box" bit.ly/b2BQpG [There goes the internet] #
  • 01:24 @xtat I can see that - but I've also used them to help clean up needless prep statements so I think it depends on how they're used #
  • 01:31 I really despise advice in the form of 'first use these tools/techniques then all you have to do is create compelling content!'... #
  • 01:39 there are some real win comments on this post digs.by/aToxjd #
  • 01:42 the steam servers are too busy to handle your request. gg guys #
  • 01:46 @xtat I'm a big fan of one-thought-one-line as long as it's still readable. python is my fav lang partly because of how well it does that #
  • 02:01 so much bacon! #
  • 02:03 @xtat haha, I was a big fan of perl before python - now I find it too messy and inelegant. python is superior in all ways but obfuscation #
  • 05:06 just heard about Hardkor 44. concept art looks amazing: digs.by/b265vb digs.by/bpVwoC digs.by/drrRhJ #

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  • 12:19 just saw Surrogates. I must say, as far fetched as some of it was.. it really resonates with me working mostly from home #
  • 00:57 I hate that cringe feeling when you hit send on an email that you know is going to start some sort of argument / flame / lots of response #

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  • 23:40 this is pretty awesome - sock avatar game: digs.by/cgfEcv #
  • 00:12 RT @kirkdiedrich: RT @teamyasumura: Depression is really the basic black dress of mental illness. #
  • 00:17 oh mondays [something about Lasagna here] #
  • 00:53 just got Red Read Redemption from gamefly... anyone have a howto on how to make the game glitch the fuck out? #ibelieveicanfly #
  • 00:57 now I can do the mixins in php 5.3 I've been wanting to do, as long as I duck a couple of STRICTs to do it. Spare the cane, spoil the coder? #
  • 01:05 PHP esoterica: in 5.3 $class::$func($arg) keeps the current $this, whereas call_user_func(array($class,$func),$arg) doesn't #
  • 01:22 @kirkdiedrich I'm proficient but I'm also super overworked. I also don't do much code anymore except for fun - have moved up #
  • 02:00 wow AX's dance has m1dy, M-Project, and REDALiCE this year.. if I was still super into jp hardrave I'd be stoked digs.by/cjAbch #
  • 03:29 new music for Canabalt is up for free and it's awesome: digs.by/beuoTO #
  • 03:30 Help me out internet. Kylie Minogue is to Australia as ____ is to France? Paradis? Alizee? I'm not as up on francopop as I should be #
  • 03:36 @bernardobri yeah she'd work for Montreal, but I'm looking for the country France - a pop singer everyone in the country knows #
  • 03:40 @rickiibarra thanks! I had a feeling #
  • 03:42 @bernardobri thanks - hadn't heard of her, checking out #
  • 03:48 So has anyone made a parody "Leave it to Bieber"? If not, internet: make it so #bieber #
  • 04:32 I'm at Velvet Margarita Cantina (1612 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood). 4sq.com/3q04KW #
  • 06:35 @NarbYehoot narb you are my hero. That's totally my next character #
  • 08:03 #ifeellikethistoday bonus points if you can guess both references twitpic.com/20x1dq #

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  • 18:22 note to devs re: version updates: "update now / automatically" = yes, please. "take you to website to download" = stop annoying me, close #
  • 19:39 where's my much-awaited consumer mp3-DVD audio player support (for DJ equip, car stereos, etc)? Thrown under the iPod bus? #
  • 19:54 it's 35 miles to moorpark, I've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of redbull, had 3 hours sleep, and I'm wearing sunglasses. #
  • 19:58 @AshFR sweeeet - easily best anime of the season #
  • 20:42 so has anyone on the internet got php 5.3, mod_fcgi, apache 2.2 and pdo_mysql working together on WAMP? google can't find anyone #
  • 04:58 it seems lately every hour I spend programming in other languages, I'm one hour closer to being a frothing Python fanatic. :( #
  • 05:42 Eksperimentoj joins the rank of japanese postrock that I adore #
  • 06:15 ♥ Untitled by eksperimentoj #lastfm: bit.ly/qJVbt #
  • 09:12 the intro to MEG - Magic (Nemesis Mix) is EXACTLY the intro to Gradius on the NES. Nakata was a gamer perhaps? #
  • 09:13 speaking of which, wtf last.fm? www.last.fm/music/Meg/_/MAGIC what is that youtube doing there #


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